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The attorneys at Ferrentino & Associates are experienced in handling DUI cases and have successfully represented people charged with violations ranging from first-time DUI to vehicular manslaughter.

A common misconception is that a DUI charge is unbeatable. This is not true. At Ferrentino & Associates, we have had great success at uncovering issues which have led to dismissals or reduced charges before trial. And by developing a comprehensive defense, when necessary we have aggressively and successfully tried simple DUIs and more complicated cases with injury and accident reconstruction. This is due to the exhaustive investigation and involvement in your case by Attorney Correen Ferrentino and our dedicated legal team.

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We Make Sure Your DUI Arrest Was Executed Legally

Ferrentino & Associates has obtained dismissals of numerous DUI cases because of illegal stops or arrests made by police. In California, police often make DUI arrests by following people out of bars and pulling them over—in many cases without a valid reason. But what many people don’t realize is that police have to actually see some kind of traffic violation in order to legally pull you over.

We expertly scrutinize every piece of discovery, such as police reports and laboratory results, in order to determine whether procedures were correctly followed and whether any grounds for dismissal exist. We obtain video or audio of your traffic stop to determine the veracity of the officer’s statements about why you were stopped. When we find discrepancies, we challenge the car stop in court and at the DMV hearing and, when we are successful, the charges are dropped and the suspension is avoided.

You can rest assured that we will hold the police accountable for their actions and make sure that none of your constitutional rights were violated during your arrest.

We Challenge the Breath/Blood Test

In every DUI case, we subpoena all records relating to the chemical test and scrutinize them for errors that may result in the dismissal or reduction of your charges. We routinely consult with leading forensic experts in DUI defense in order to assist in challenging the evidence against you.

We Fight for Your Driver’s License in DMV Hearings

When you are arrested for a DUI offense in California, you not only have to deal with the court system but also face suspension of your driving privileges by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We navigate the confusing system of driver’s license suspensions and restrictions for you. Should your driving privileges actually be suspended or restricted, our appellate practice includes challenging the DMV decision in court through a DMV writ.

We Challenge Prior Convictions

The penalties for a DUI increase dramatically if you have prior convictions. Ferrentino & Associates has extensive experience in pretrial motions and will challenge the validity of your prior convictions in order to minimize the penalties you face in your present case. In fact, other attorneys routinely consult with and hire Ferrentino & Associates to handle their motions in pending DUIs.

Successfully striking prior convictions gives you a clean slate in your current charge, which minimizes the potential for hefty fines and jail time faced by repeat offenders.

Avoiding a Jail Sentence

Ferrentino & Associates is known for its creative, alternative solutions to jail time. We don’t wait for the District Attorney to offer jail on repeat offenders. We work diligently to create a sentence the DA can’t say no to and you can live with, including incorporating treatment programs, private jails, home confinement, and community service.

Vehicular Manslaughter & Great Bodily Injury Accidents

Attorney Correen Ferrentino has developed a specialized practice aggressively representing individuals charged with vehicular manslaughter, both alcohol and non-alcohol related. These tragic cases demand a delicate yet zealous approach. They also require hiring leading experts in accident reconstruction—an area of criminal defense in which Ferrentino is highly experienced in.

Notable Success Stories for DUI Defense

Ferrentino & Associates balances these unique interests and utilizes the best experts in accident reconstruction. In a noteworthy case, Ms. Ferrentino represented a woman charged with vehicular manslaughter in connection with an eight-car accident on a busy freeway. The woman had two prior DUI convictions and a blood alcohol level of over 0.23 at the time of the accident. She was facing life in prison. In spite of the seemingly overwhelming evidence, Ferrentino's skilled use of forensic and accident reconstruction experts resulted in the outright dismissal of the vehicular manslaughter charges against her client.

In a fatality accident involving a Ferrari, the use of accident reconstruction experts undermined the prosecutor's theory the client drove over 100 miles per hour at the time of the accident. Instead of eight years in prison, the client received probation and served six months in a private jail.

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